Conductive paints Various fillers like carbon, nickel, silver-coated-copper, and silver, each varying in conductivity and application suitability View Detail
Conformal coatings A comprehensive lineup of conformal coatings, addressing contemporary circuit board protection needs by safeguarding against moisture, dust, chemicals, and more, thus prolonging product durability View Detail
Potting compounds Varied electrical potting compounds offer flame resistance, thermal conductivity, optical clarity, and a range of rigidity options, safeguarding sensitive electronics View Detail
Soldering Supplies A wide range of soldering supplies and accessories, including solder alloys, fluxes, desoldering braids, and more for soldering needs View Detail
Thermal Interface Materials Three thermal interface materials: thermally conductive adhesives for permanent bonds, silicone gap fillers, and thermal greases for reworkability View Detail
Electrically Conductive Materials Diverse solder wire choices (leaded, non-leaded, no-clean, and water-soluble) and solder paste for stencilling and precision work View Detail
Grease for Electronics Our diverse range of greases and lubricants caters to electronic components with conductive, dielectric, thermal, and high-performance options, addressing various needs View Detail
Adhesives Our epoxy adhesives offer robust, specialized solutions for various applications, including structural, electrically conductive, thermally conductive, and flame-retardant adhesives, alongside protective RTV silicones. View Detail

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