Front-end Semiconductor Manufacturing Air ionization safeguards cleanroom integrity, neutralizing static charge in fab settings, featuring digital systems, specialty ionizers, and sensor-enhanced Novx products View Detail
Back-end Semiconductor Processing Static charges occur in semiconductor assembly, packaging, and testing, impacting yields. Our solutions mitigate ESD-related defects in all manufacturing phases View Detail
Flat Panel Display Manufacturing Flat Panel Display manufacturing relies on strict contamination control, necessitating static-controlled mini-environments and room ionization systems to protect sensitive products View Detail
PCB & Electronic Assembly Ionization preserves component integrity, neutralizing static charge in manufacturing and transportation. Our specialized ionizers cater to final manufacturing, including compact tool-integrated options. View Detail
Life Sciences Manufacturing Medical, pharmaceutical, and bio-tech manufacturers prioritize patient safety, working with regulatory bodies to enhance CGMP and tackle particulate contamination using our ionization expertise View Detail
Web Handling & Converting As production speeds increase, more static is generated, necessitating efficient static control for safety, quality, and profitability. Simco-Ion solutions support critical converting processes View Detail
Printing & Bindery Print defects, dust, and contamination are printing challenges. Simco-Ion prioritizes safety, offering solutions for quality, cost efficiency, and electrostatic needs View Detail
Plastic & Packaging Static charge leads to jams, part adhesion, and defects. Simco-Ion provides tailored solutions for plastics applications, including extrusion and molding View Detail
Automotives Unmanaged static can draw dust, requiring cleaning before painting. Simco-Ion provides automotive industry solutions with air knives and blow-off systems for thorough cleaning View Detail

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