MG Chemicals provides a diverse range of one- and two-component adhesive systems that meet rigorous industry standards. These adhesives effectively bond various substrates, from metals and composites to wood, glass, and most plastics.

Our epoxy-based adhesives offer a robust, rigid finish, ensuring strong adhesion and resistance to mechanical impact and chemical exposure. We offer both general-purpose adhesives and specialized options, including structural adhesives for load-bearing joints, electrically conductive adhesives for bridging electrical connections, thermally conductive adhesives for heat sink bonding, and flame-retardant adhesives. Additionally, we provide RTV silicones known for their high heat resistance, wide temperature range, and low modulus, making them ideal for protecting delicate components.

Our products come in various consistencies, curing times, and packaging options, enabling you to find a tailored solution for your specific needs. Explore our product line and consult our technical support team for the perfect adhesive for your application.

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