Electrostatic Fieldmeter Detects Static Charge Accurately

Simco-Ion's Model FMX-004 Electrostatic Fieldmeter is a compact handheld electrostatic fieldmeter used for locating and measuring static charges. Its pocket size makes it convenient to use and four-button operation makes it easy to operate. The FMX-004 measures static voltages within ±30 kV (30,000V) at a distance of 1 inch. Results are simultaneously displayed numerically and in bar graph format.

  • Digital display with color coded bar graphs
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Distance ranging lights
  • Audible alarm feature
  • Battery powered with auto shut-off feature
  • Analog Output

FMX-004 Electrostatic Fieldmeter


Input 9 VDC alkaline battery
Output 0 to ±300V
Range 0 to ±1.49 kV (low range); ±1.0 kV to ±30 kV (high range)
Accuracy ±10%
Dimension 4.8L x 2.9W x 1.0D in. (123 x 73 x 25 mm)
Weight 6 oz (170g)

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