IQ Power Fantom

The IQ Power Fantom Wide-Format Ionizing Blower provides the highest speed and widest
coverage for industrial applications. Designed to provide maximum charge neutralization,
the Fantom offers four modes of operation and has unique monitoring capabilities when
used with the IQ Power Control Station.

Features and Benefits

• Extended effective range up to 20’
• Remote on/off
• Easy remote automatic self-cleaning
• Monitoring capabilities with Control Station
• Fault/warning/power indicators
• Provides balanced ionization
• Replaceable ionizer/duct assembly



  • Portable Stand

  • Tilt Bracket

    fantom tilt bracket

IQ Power Fantom


Input Voltage 120V, 60 Hz (2.0A) and 230V, 50/60 Hz (1.25A)
Dimensions 12.75”D x 26”W x 8”H (31lbs)
Air Volume Variable, max 600CFM
Effective Coverage 2' x 20' area
Airflow Distance from Ionizer; full speed 60 Hz 1'; 1600 fpm, 2'; 1300 fpm, 4'; 900 fpm
Air Filter Replaceable foam filter, 10 ppi
Audible Noise 64 dBA measured 2' in front on the ionizer operating at high speed
Indicator Lights Power / Warning / Fault
Mounting Existing mounting screws or optional tilt bracket
Cleaning Self-cleaning and replaceable grille/bars
Monitoring Compatible with the IQ Power Station
Approvals cULus

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