Powerful Static Removal Air Gun for Targeted Blow-off

Simco-Ion’s Top Gun 3 Ionizing Air Gun is a high-performance ionizing air gun designed for a wide variety of applications. Balanced to 0±15V, the Top Gun features high blow-off force and low air consumption providing high efficiency cleaning and maximum static charge decay.

  • Lightweight, Ergonomic Design
  • Flow Control Valve for Adjustable Airflow
  • Electrically balanced ion output
  • Integrated, Replaceable Filter-Nozzle
  • Ionization Indicator Light

For automated assembly, the Top Gun with Optical Sensor, which automatically activates the gun when an object is in range. The Top Gun with Sidekick offers hands-free operation and flexible positioning during assembly and manufacturing processes. A foot pedal controls both ionization and airflow, which reduces compressed air costs and extends the life of the ionizer.


  • Flat-panel Display
  • Life Sciences
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Back-end Semiconductor Processing


The Top Gun Blow-Off Gun is perfect for "Point-of-Use" Ionization. Lightweight and ergonomic, the gun hose allows the operator to point the gun nozzle directly at the target on final electronic assembly stations. Strong blow-off power also effectively removes particle contamination.

Top Gun Ionizing Air Gun in Electronic Assemply Application

Top Gun Ionizing Air Blow-off Gun in Electronic Assemply Application

Top Gun 3 Blow-off Gun


Input Voltage 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 0.2A; 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 0.1A
Discharge 1.3 sec @ 6” (15.2 cm), 30 psi (±1000-100V)
0.5 sec @ 2” (5.08 cm), 60 psi (±1000-100V)
Balance ±15V
Cleanroom Class ISO 14644-1 Class 5
Dimension See dimensional drawing on datasheet
Weight Gun: 0.41 lb (0.185 kg); Air Hose: 0.08 lb/ft (0.115 kg/m)

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