IQ Power HL Sensor

The IQ Power HL Sensor allows the power units to operate in closed-loop feedback mode or can be used as a stand-alone monitoring system. it connects to the system through the IQ Power Sensor Interface. The Sensor Interface provides status indicators for up to 8 connected sensors.

Features & Benefits

  • Digital, not analog, technology offers higher accuracy and is impervious to noise.
  • Sensor is intrinsically safe allowing for easy installation without the use of conduit.
  • Communications cannot be corrupted due to data verifying algorithm.

IQ Power HL Sensor


Input Power 24 VDC, 30 mA nominal
Input Connection via (user supplied) Intrinsic Safety Barriers
Input Cable Lengths 30 ft (9.1m)
Input Purge Gas (for minimizing dust, dirt and contamination in probe aperture only) 1 to 2.5 psi (7 to 17 kPa) nominal operating pressure 5 psi (35 kPa) max operating pressure 0.14 scfm (4 NL/min) per sensor at 1 psi (5 kPA) 0.22 scfm (6 NL/min) per sensor at 2.5 psi (20 kPa) Clean, dry, oil-free compressed air or nitrogen
Operating Distance*/Voltage 2” (50 mm) 20 kV max 3” (75 mm) 25 kV max 4” (100 mm) 30 kV max (factory default setting) 6” (150 mm) 40 kV max 8” (200 mm) 50 kV max 10” (250 mm) 60 kV max
Dimensions 260L x 32.5W x 44.5H mm [10.25”L x 1.28”H x 1.75”H]
Weight 0.68 kg [1.5 lb]
Enclosure Stainless Steel and Conductive Polyamide

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