MEB Static Bar

The MEB static bar is a very efficient and versatile static eliminator used in a wide variety of applications. Its’ small size and ability to fit in tight spaces, makes it a favorite of machine builders and medical professionals for medical tray static control.

Features and Benefits

  • Aluminum construction
  • Over 45 bar lengths available from 8” to 120” (custom sizes available)
  • Effective for web speeds up to 1200 ft/min
  • Mounting of 1” to 3” from target surface
  • Universal mounting brackets
  • Optional corona-free shielded cable to reduce RFI & EMI and provides simplified cable installation

MEB Static Bar


Emitter Coupling Shockless
Housing Material Aluminum
Overall Length 8.5" to 120" (215m - 3035mm)
Mounting Distance 1"- 3" from target surface
Max Speed ​​(FPM) 1200 FPM
Approval CE, CSA, UR, FM

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