R50 Bar

The R50 Bar is a high efficiency, shockless static bar for use on webs traveling up to 2,500 fpm and in hard-to-reach applications. The R50 Bar is designed for easy cleaning and offers a mounting channel with full length adjustment. Also available in a moisture resistant model.

Features and Benefits

  • High performance without the use of costly compressed air
  • Embedded ground reference ensures consistent performance
  • Resistively coupled for shockless operation
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Equipped with shielded cable to reduce interference
  • The R50 Bar can be powered by the D167Q or D257Q Power Supplies

R50 Bar


Emitter Coupling Shockless
Bar Profile .63
Overall Length 8.7
Operating Voltage 7kV AC
Mounting Nylon bolts and metal brackets provided
Connection and High Voltage Cable Fixed cable at the bar; 7.0' (2.1 meters) standard length, optional lengths available
Approval CE, UL

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