Miniature Air Ionizer for Controlling Electrostatic Charge in the Confined Spaces

Simco-Ion’s In-Line fusION Ionizer is capable of controlling electrostatic charge in the local area. This incredibly compact ionizer offers tungsten emitters. In-Line fusIon is also ideal for system integration with remote alarm capability. Multiple units can be linked together from one 24 VDC power source allowing up to 5 units to be daisy-chained. In-Line fusION can be powered directly from a process tool’s 24 VDC power source or by the Simco-Ion fusION power supply kit.

  • Delivers ions through long tubes
  • Compact Design
  • Visual ionizer status indicator and digital level remote alarm output
  • Single power source for multiple fusION ionizers
  • Optional air knife, air ring and N2 attachments available 

Other Applications

In-Line fusION has the ability to provide fast decay times through output tubes up to six feet in length. Since the ion-to-ion recombination down the output tube is so limited, the single output tube has the ability to be split into multiple tubes each with excellent performance allowing the fusION ionization source to service multiple locations from a single ionization source. In-Line fusION comes equipped for use with clean dry air (CDA); however, a Nitrogen (N2) kit is available.


  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Life Sciences
  • Back-end Semiconductor Processing   


Typical applications for In-line fusION are found inside process equipment and mini-environments in the semiconductor, flat panel display, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. It is especially well suited for applications with space constraints or close proximity to products.

In-line fusION Ionizer Air Ring Output Application   In-line fusION Ionizer Air Knife Output Application

In-line fusION Local Area Ionizer


Input Voltage 24 VDC, 0.075A
Discharge See Typical Discharge Times table on datasheet
Balance <±50V
Coverage Output tubes dependent
Air Supply Clean Dry Air (CDA) or Nitrogen
Ion Emissions Steady-state DC Technology
Cleanroom Class ISO 14611-1 Class 4
Dimension 2.52”H x 1.28”W x 4.50”L (6.40 x 3.25 x 11.4 cm) with flange & air connectors
Weight 0.30 lb (0.136 kg)

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