Monitoring Critical Electrostatic Parameters in Workstations & Process Environments

The Novx Series 7000 Process Monitoring System is a multi-purpose microprocessor-based instrument for monitoring critical electrostatic related parameters in workstation and process environments. The six dedicated channels customize the instrument for the monitoring field voltage detection/ionizer balance, ESD event, body voltage detection or ground monitoring and particle counting.


  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Life Sciences
  • Back-end Semiconductor Processing
  • Front-end Semiconductor Processing
  • Flat-panel Display


The Novx 7000 System enables monitoring for critical electrostatic variables in both front-end and back-end semiconductor manufacturing environments. The multi-function sensing capability and industrial communication abilities enable integration of real-time monitoring with process electrostatic control. As a general tool for electrostatic monitoring of ESD events, electrostatic fields, particle density, personnel and workstation grounding, and the ability to control ionizer balance and discharge parameters, it also enhances monitoring uses in FPD, disk-drive and medical manufacturing applications.


Features and Benefits

  • Smart Signal Processing
  • Multiple sensor and antenna styles
  • Daisy chainable; RS-485 or Ethernet output
  • ESD event detection tracking
  • Three options for field voltage monitoring
  • User-programmable alarm set-points with automated messaging
  • Closed-loop control to tool computer
  • Plug-in modules allow factory upgrades

Novx 7000 Critical Process ESD Monitor


Field Sensing
Input Voltage ±15 - ±5000V
Output Voltage 0 - ±5.0
Accuracy ±1V for <20V; ±5% for >20V
ESD Event Detection CDM / HBM
Particle Counter Interface Data Acquisition
Body Voltage Detection
Applied Voltage <0.5V
Accuracy ±0.5V
GND Monitoring
Range 1-20 ohms
Applied Voltage <0.5V
Accuracy 0.5 ohms
Dimension 2.7W x 7H x 5.5D in. (6.9 x 17.8 x 14 cm)
Weight 2.5 lb (1.4 kg)

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